Are you looking for art to uplift and energize your space and your spirit?

This is the place! Do you like color and more abstract art than realistic? Do you prefer or like art that is perhaps a little whimsical, spiritual, and full of color, energy, and light? Fantastic! You are in the right place. Whether you are looking for art for your home, office or healing center, I think my art will fulfill your needs. Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle)

Braylee Rush (Mary Gravelle). Artist. Acrylic paintings. Mixed-media paintings. Landscape paintings. Abstract paintings.

Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle). Artist. Acrylic paintings. Mixed-media paintings. Landscape paintings. Abstract paintings.

Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle)

I am a visual artist living in Sedona, Arizona, where the Southwest landscape is awe-inspiring. Since moving to the southwest in 2006, the landscape has been an integral part in my daily life as well as informing my art. There is no finer creator than the original source of it all, God / Goddess.

Color, intuition, nature, and energy are sources that create a curiosity large enough to explore on the canvas. Read my artist statement below for more on why I create my art. Check out my resume (also below) for the finer details of where my art has taken me.

Browse, buy, get inspired. By all means, communicate with me. I will consider commissions.

Artist Statement

Graceful form, shape, and beauty soothe me. Angular juxtapositions and vibrant color excite me. Portraying realism is not important to me. The sway of a tree branch, the rich colors of a sunset, the bold red of a fire hydrant, or the angular shapes formed by rooftops, these are some of the things that intrigue and inform my art.I’m more interested in the process of creation than I am with the final result. I make art to maintain my sanity, peace, and happiness. I always feel so much better after having made something. If I feel cranky or out of sorts I know it is because I have not allowed myself time to create. I just seem to be driven to create. I get a feeling, a question arises, or something intrigues me enough to dive deeper into its meaning. The drive inside urges me to create, to give expression to what I am learning about or seeing in the world around me.Because of this need to probe deeper, I prefer to work in series. I find that this gives me more of a chance to understand what it is I am seeking to understand. It also gives me a body of cohesive work. I have no fidelities to any one medium or style such as realism or abstraction: although, my work leans more toward the abstract. I use the medium that fits the work at the timeI paint on wood or canvas creating two-dimensional works using mixed media and/or acrylic paints. I also create two-dimensional works using digital media and photography. Clay offers me the chance to make three-dimensional works. Experimenting with the medium keeps my art alive and fresh, keeping me engaged and interested in the process.To create is everything, life force.–Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle)


Awards…2011-2012. CCCC-R Kasten Expressive Arts Scholarship. $500 Cash Award. Western New Mexico University. Silver City, New Mexico2004. Best Student Work, $500 Cash Award and Plaque. Manchester Community College. Manchester, Connecticut2002. Honorable Mention, $75 Cash Award. Student Juried Show, Manchester Community College. Manchester, Connecticut. Print, Sunny Twilight.1999. Copyright. Co-owner/creator. Molecular Model of Innovative OrganizationsEducation…May 2012. Western New Mexico University. Silver City, New Mexico A.A. Graphic Design

2000-2005. Manchester Community College. Manchester, Connecticut. A.F.A. Program. Transferred to Western New Mexico University due to relocation.

2000. Painting From the Source. One-year intensive study with Aviva Gold, author of Painting from the Source

2006. Toastmasters International. CTM

1999. Innovation University. Fellow. One-year intensive study on innovative companies in America.

1990 – 1997. New England Art Therapy Institute. Attended 15 various workshops on art and healing.

1983 – 1988. Manchester Community College. Manchester, Connecticut. Computer Science Program


Solo Exhibitions

Jul 2010. Mimbres Region Arts Council, Silver City, New Mexico. A Difference of Tool and Technique: Printmaking, Digital Media, and Mixed Media.

Oct 2008. College Avenue Collection, Silver City, New Mexico. The Allegory of Numerical Contemplation and Conversation. New abstract series.

Oct 5 through Dec 31, 2007. College Avenue Collection, Silver City, New Mexico. Magical: Landscapes of Silver City, New Mexico.

Jul thru Sep 2007. The Twisted Vine, Silver City, New Mexico. Insight Outside.

Feb 2007. RLV Gallery, Oracle, Arizona. Expanding Possibilites: Landscape Paintings of Oracle, Arizona.

Two Person Exhibitions…

Feb 2009. Deming Arts Council, Deming, New Mexico. Paintings Numbers and Geometrics shown along with potter, Carol Ruebush.

Nov 2005. Farfetched Gallery, Kingston, New York. Seeking the Truth of the Triangle Painting Series shown along with Copper Sculptures by David Stoltz

Juried Group Exhibitions…

Mar 2012. Western New Mexico University. McCray Gallery, Silver City, New Mexico. Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Photography, One Small Act: A Christo Moment. Showing March 30-May 11. Opening reception: Friday, March 30, 4:30-7pm.

Mar 2011. Western New Mexico University. McCray Gallery, Silver City, New Mexico. Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Three pieces: Digital Media, Lovers Eternally Blessed; Digital Media, Happy Art; Raku Bowl, Copper Moon 

2010, March. Western New Mexico University. McCray Gallery, Silver City, New Mexico. Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. Ceramics, Green Windows

Mar 2004. Manchester Community College. Manchester, Connecticut. 4th Annual Manchester Community College (MCC), Competition and Exhibition. Painting, Walking in Faith. One of 57 accepted works from 256 entries.

Feb 2004. Artworks Gallery. Hartford, Connecticut. Open Juried Show. Conte drawing, Apple and Cherries. One of 56 artworks selected out of 300 entries.

Fall 2002. Manchester Community College. Manchester, Connecticut.  Juried Student Show.  Monotype, Sunny Twilight (Awarded Honorable Mention).

1999. Artworks Gallery. Hartford, Connecticut. Open All Media Juried Show. Scrunched Painting, Medicine Woman.

1998. Artworks Gallery. Hartford, Connecticut. Open Print and Drawing Show. Collograph print, Peace Keepers.

1995. Artworks Gallery. Hartford, Connecticut. Open Juried Show. Scrunched painting, Indian Maiden.

1994. Artworks Gallery. Hartford, Connecticut. Open Print and Drawing Juried Show.  Pastel Drawing, Jettison.

Gallery Representation…

2009 – present, Tatiana Maria Gallery, Silver City, New Mexico

Computer Proficiencies…

Mac: Adobe Suite – Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and InDesign. Painter II.

Website design and development: WordPress, Google Sites, DreamWeaver, FrontPage.

Windows: Windows XP, Windows 95, Lotus 123, Word 2000, Word 97, Excel, PowerPoint, Access database program, Corel Draw, and FrontPage.

Previous Help Desk experience in Windows environment.

Have installed PCs.


Sep 2010. Creator and Juror, Flamenco Gypsy Juried Art Show, Silver City,             New Mexico

May 2008 to Jul 2010. Contractor, Administrative Assistant, Graphic Designer. MainStreet Project, Silver City, New Mexico.

Mar-Apr 2007. Artist-in-Residence, Gallery 400, Silver City, New Mexico

Jul 2006.  Visiting Artist. Rancho Linda Vista. Oracle, Arizona

1998 – Present. Regional Coordinator, Global Art Project

1996 – 1998. Creativity Consultant. Heublein/IDV/UDV. Hartford, Connecticut

1992 – 1996. Purchasing Assistant. Heublein/IDV/UDV. Hartford, Connecticut

1992 – present. Workshop Creator/Leader. Free Mind Painting, Split Splat – Take That Painting, Split Splat – Togetherness Painting, Big Winds Moon Painting, Mother/Daughter Creative Adventures, Split Splat Scrunch It! Painting, Wisdom Painting™, Igniting Your Intentions™

Published Works…

Apr / May 2004. Coffee Pot Theory of the Creative Process. Article written by Mary A. Gravelle. Page 40, ArtisticFX Magazine, Hartford, Connecticut

Jan 2004. Creativity. Article written by Mary A. Gravelle. Page 44, ArtisticFX magazine, Hartford, Connecticut. Read article at this link from my website: http://www.wisdompainting.com/Published_Writing_Creativity_ArtisiticFX_Dec%202003%20Jan%202004.htm

Jun1999. The Three Stages of the Creative Process. Article written by Mary A. Gravelle. Innovation Network website in preparation for upcoming workshop. The link, http://thinksmart.com/2/conference99/private/articlegravelle.html is no longer working

Professional Service…

2007 – present. Member. Mimbres Region Arts Council (MRAC). Silver City, New Mexico

2009-2010. Secretary and Webmaster. San Vicente Artists of Silver City (SVA), Silver City, New Mexico

2007-2009. Member. Chamber of Commerce, Silver City, New Mexico

2006. V.P. Communications. One State Street Toastmasters. Received plaque for excellence. Hartford, Connecticut

1995. President. Arts of Tolland. Tolland, Connecticut. As President of the Arts of Tolland, received approval from the town of Tolland to proceed in restoring the Old Town Hall into a Community Arts Center.

1994. Public Relations Coordinator. Open Studio. Hartford, Connecticut

1993. Secretary. Project Management Association. Hartford, Connecticut

In the News….

May 2007. Desert Exposure. Mind, Body & Spirit section. Eye of the Beholder: Wisdom Painting. Silver City, New Mexico

Dec 2006. Silver City Daily Press. Silver Scene section. Artist changes style from abstracts to landscapes. Silver City, New Mexico

Oct 2002. Guest on TV show, Songs of the Soul, with host and author, Anne Carroll Decker. Wisdom Painting. Hartford, Connecticut

Dec 2002. Artistic FX magazineWisdom Painting. Hartford, Connecticut

Apr 24, 1996. Heublein UpdateTwo Employees Featured in New Spring Show Celebrating Art. Hartford, Connecticut

Apr 1996. Heublein TodayProfile. Farmington, Connecticut

Jan 10, 1996. The Hartford Courant. The Living Section. Careers in Creativity. Hartford, Connecticut

Jun 7, 1992. The Hartford Courant. Northeast Magazine. The Wise Guide. Art to Wear Jewelry. Hartford, Connecticut

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