Pricing ranges from $125 to $8,550. Contact me for inquiries.

Painting by Mary Rush Gravelle in acrylic, oil, and mixed-media. Subjects are abstract, geometrics, and landscapes. In my abstract paintings, I discover how color and form reign. My geometric paintings explore the mysteries of ancient shapes along with light. The Southwest landscape inspires me to paint and honor the beauty and awe of this wondrous land that I live in.


Fine art digital images created by image maker, Mary Rush Gravelle. I share with you taking pictures to digital computer images, artwork in Illustrator, using Photoshop in various ways, and my contemporary art. See my digital via this link.


Mixed Media Painting by Mary Rush Gravelle. As an artist, I like to mix things up, like in my painting process. Using paint, found objects, acrylic mediums, and lots of “process”, I make images that are multi-layered and textured. See my mixed-media paintings via this link.

Acrylic Painting

I mainly us acrylic paints in my landscape paintings and mixed-media paintings.

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