Ceramic Decorative

Ceramic wall art pieces made from stoneware, porcelain, or other type of clay. Fired in either a Cone 6, 10, or raku kiln. All pieces are ready to hang.

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  • Celebration of Life, Stoneware, 14 x 11 inches. Slab Cut Out Designs Decorative
Technique, Handbuilt. Cone 10 Fired. 2010.

    Celebration of Life


    Truly inspirational stoneware wall art piece. Glazed in earthy brown tones. This is a joyful piece with its plant-like and cheerleading creatures upon it.

    Slab cut out designs decorative technique, Handbuilt. Cone 10 Fired. 2010.

    Ready to hang.

  • web-love-laugh

    Love and Laugh


    The art of ceramics shows up in this stoneware wall art piece. Be prepared to be reminded to lighten up whenever you see this smiling face with its red heart intact. How can you be angry? You will simply have to smile and love yourself. Stamped Design. Handbuilt. Cone 10 Fired. 2011.

    Ready to hang.

  • Spirit Dancer, Stoneware, 13 x 9 inches. Hand Built. Raku Fired. 2010.

    Spirit Dancer


    You won't find this ceramic wall art piece anywhere else. Hand painted glazing detail, alongside the white crackle glaze, this art piece looks like a native dancer in spirit. Hand Built. Raku Fired. 2010.

    Ready to hang.