Painting Mixed Media

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  • ©2008 Mary A. Gravelle, Spirit House, Mixed-media on wood, 24 x 24 inches.

    Spirit House


    Spirit House is an original mixed media painting. Acrylic paint and mediums along found objects of wood, metal, stones, and feathers adorn this spiritual and artful meditation.

    24 x 24 inches framed in aprox. 2.25 inch gold grunge frame.

  • The Natural World, Mixed Media on wood

    The Natural World


    Butterflies glide above the feather flowers reaching for the sun. Below a hub of activity bustles with texture and meaning that only nature can provide. Mixed media painting with acrylic, feather, foam, paper, and metal spiral. Framed in 2.75 inch mahogany frame.

    ©2012 Mary Rush Gravelle. The Natural World, Mixed-media on Wood, 12 x 12 inch artwork, framed to approx. 17 x 17 inch. 2009.

  • Vision of Hope, Mixed Media on Canvas, 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

    Visions of Hope


    Visions of Hope, Mixed Media on Canvas, 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches.

    In Process Video of “Visions of Hope” painting.

    A ladder reaches upward, to Heaven, perhaps. The red grid might represent the various boxes we find ourselves in. Some of the boxes have no sides, representing the idea that we can free ourselves at anytime. Hope helps. The yellow splashes of paint are the visions of hope that we must hold onto in order to reach the ascension of our soul. The rest of the painting is up for your interpretation. Maybe this painting looks like something entirely different to you. Wonderful. Let me hear it.