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They are spectacular

Mary, how are you? The other day I was in [Tatiana Maria Gallery] and saw your paintings. They are spectacular. I [asked] ‘who is this ‘Mary’ who painted these?” The skies are so magical and the mountains (and cat) are almost surreal. You really seem to have captured what people come to New Mexico to paint. It is very powerful and vibrant. I am very, very impressed. Blown away might be a better description. So, congrats!!

Thomas Naple

I came home stunned

Dear Mary
I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to your presentation of your Tsunami work [installation]. I came home stunned, and over the next week I sorted out the feelings that I had as a result of being there. As you know my son Andrew had just arrived to stay with us for a week before going off to Israel. I was very worried because he didn’t have anything about his year long trip pinned down, and I had vowed that he would not leave without at least a definite place to stay. Well, your art showed me that I had to reach out and also to let go, both of which I was able to do, a miracle, believe me. He still does not have a place to stay, but I now know that he will reach out to others and what is supposed to happen will. I am truly able to let go! thank you again, dear Mary, and please continue on your path of art and healing with blessings from your great fan and friend, Carolyn

Carolyn Tertes

Braylee Rush is a wonderful


Braylee Rush is a wonderful artist who only creates from the heart. Her work is colorful and various and her landscapes are brilliant. She is a passionate, trustworthy, strong, vibrant, resilient, versatile artist who has an incredible lot of guts to stand up for what she believes, isn’t afraid to experiment and does have the enthusiasm to start new collaboration projects with other artists around the world. Baylee Rush shows you how to Connect with your inner self and how to make a lovely artwork. Working together with Braylee will be life changing for all. http://www.jacquelinevandervenne.nl/braylee-rush-is-a-creativity-consultant-published-author-professional-artist-small-business-owner-graphic-designer-from-sedona-arizona/

Jacqueline van der Venne


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